Things You Should Know About Me: Places I’ve Travelled

For my second instalment of ‘Things You Should Know About Me’ I’d like to tell you about places I’ve travelled outside of the UK. I LOVE travelling…. ok, maybe not so much the actual travelling but definitely visiting and exploring new places. I like to think of myself as a free spirit, and don’t like to feel tied down to one place for too long – that doesn’t mean I’m always moving house, I just like to get out and see new places – interesting places.

My maternal grandmother came from the west coast of Ireland and growing up, we spent every summer holiday swimming in the Atlantic off the west coast of Ireland, clambering over the rocks and building sandcastles on the beach. I loved it – I still do. It holds a very special place in my heart and I can’t wait to take my own children on holiday there one day.

Since all our family vacations were in Ireland, I didn’t travel abroad as such until I was at college (unless you count a flight to Australia when I was about 2 or 3 years old. We emigrated briefly but that’s a whole other story). It’s probably easier if I list the places I’ve travelled below:

Ireland – at least 25 times

Paris, France (twice)

Barcelona, Spain (twice) – Great for sunshine, architecture (specifically Gaudi), culture

Majorca (twice) – the thing I loved most about Majorca was probably the Pirate Show. That was incredible. At least my 19 year old self thought so after a few sangrias!

Fuerteventura – watch out for the sun/wind burn!

Zakynthos, Greece – best Greek salad I’ve ever had and perfectly ripened, juicy fruit served to you on the beach all day long.

Madeira – pretty scenery in the mountains, plenty of sunshine and crystal clear water – too hilly.

Perth, Western Australia – I was very young at the time but seem to have fond memories of the emus and kangaroos.

Ayres Rock Resort, Alice Springs, Kings Canyon, Darwin and the Kakadu National Park, Australia. I loved Ayres Rock, or Uluru as the Aborigines call it. Such a beautiful, tranquil place and completely unspoilt like many tourist attractions. I’d definitely like to go back there. Alice Springs was just way too hot! It was at least 50 degrees most days and I’m just not used to that. Two things I did like about Alice Springs was visiting the Royal Flying Doctors and the School of the Air. Flying over Kings Canyon in a helicopter was amazing but I don’t recommend the six seater plane – I have never felt so travel sick in all my life! Darwin was like a greenhouse but sailing along the Yellow Billabong River in the Kakadu National Park was a great experience – the wildlife was incredible.

New Zealand (North Island) – I travelled here by myself to visit family for Christmas and New Year 2007/2008. New Zealand is stunning. Gorgeous beaches, beautiful scenery, such a laid back, sociable way of life. Quad biking through the forest was amazing, as was a trip to Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove on the Coromandel Peninsula. Cathedral Cove is simply breathtaking and it has to be said, swimming in the Pacific Ocean is a tad warmer than swimming in the Atlantic. New Zealand is where I discovered delicious Halloumi cheese and scared myself out of my wits on the Rotorua Sky Swing. The Luge was pretty cool though.

Prague, Czech Republic – Great for the architecture.

Oludeniz, Turkey – Oludeniz was beautiful and is said to be home to one of the most photographed beaches in the world. With it’s turquoise waters and endless sunshine I’m not surprised. This is also another resort that seems less built up than some I’ve seen, particularly along the beach front where from the outside, the restaurants and beach bars resemble make shift huts like something you would expect to see on the tv series ‘Lost’. Oludeniz beach will always hold a special place in my heart as it’s where my husband proposed to me.


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