Folkestone Wedding Photography: Steph & Keith

(Just so we’re clear, there are two Keith’s in this story, my Keith and Steph’s Keith)…

The day finally arrived for Keith and I to pack our bags and take the two and a half hour drive from Southampton, Hampshire to Folkestone in Kent for the wedding of the delightful Steph and Keith. We met with them for an engagement shoot a couple of months back and we felt so relaxed in their company. It was like meeting up with old friends. Steph and Keith are two of the loveliest, sincerest people you could hope to meet. As well as liking the photos, Steph felt that there were a lot of other similarities between us which prompted her to make the booking for her wedding photography. We drove to Folkestone the night before the wedding so that we could be there, ready to capture all the wedding preparations bright and early.

As legend tells it (or at least the way their families tell it), cupid was hard at work matching these two together for some time before they realised it themselves. Steph’s brother is married to Keith’s sister Katherine (I know, right?!) and it was on Katherine’s hen night that she realised how well suited Steph (her soon to be sister-in-law) and her brother Keith were. Their cousin Amy went so far as to phone Keith and tell him that she was sitting next to his future wife. Katherine then showed Steph a photo of her brother but to throw a spanner in the works, Steph proclaimed that he wasn’t her type. Various family members made several attempts to get these two together, even Keith’s dad told him and his brother how wonderful he thought Steph was and if one of his sons didn’t snap her up there would be trouble. If two people are truly meant to be together then they will be – at least cupid didn’t give up hope. That New Year’s Eve, Steph and Keith finally realised the connection between them and that’s where the magic began.

Keith packed his bags and left his home, his job and his family in Northern Ireland and moved to London to be with Steph where they embarked on many exciting adventures together. Three years later and they’ve embarked on the most exciting adventure of them all. Below are a selection of wedding photographs from the day…

Kathryn x

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