About Me

I love…

my husband

my family and friends

my cats (Smokey and Millie)

beaches and oceans

the West Coast of Ireland

New Zealand


my duvet and pillows!

I like… driving along country roads in the summer with the music up and the windows down

the smell of freshly cut grass, coffee beans, vanilla and mint

the sound of the sea and the pitter patter of rain on the windows

white roses

the colour blue

chocolate (not dark)

60s rock ‘n’ roll

Elvis (yes, really!)

I don’t like…

arrogance or ignorance

cruelty to animals or people

the taste of coffee or marmalade (yuck!)

I’m vegetarian

I drive a VW Golf

I have my one star BCU kayaking certificate – woo!

I have climbed Mount Snowdon and both mountains either side

I recently got married (29th June 2013)

My husband bought me a pair of Rio Roller Boots last Christmas

I could stare at the sea for hours

I miss my cats (Jenny and Susie)

I miss my nan

I wish I could have met my grandads

I wish my parents could live forever

I wish the world was a happier place

I’d like to explore America

I’d like to have children one day

I’d like to photograph your wedding

Kathryn -x-

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